Zamzee kickstarts a lifetime of physical activity for kids through play.

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Zamzee is now part of the Welltok family.

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How to get Zamzee

Learn how to get Zamzee for your population today.

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Zamzee is now part of the Welltok family and available only to eligible CaféWell members.

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Lead with fun, health will follow

Get your whole family moving, together.

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Zamzee kids use an activity tracker to track their steps and a fun website to get motivated to move more. And it's not just for kids – parents can play along too. The best part? All this moving can be rewarding – literally. You can earn gift cards just for being active.

Research tested, kid approved

Technology that gets you moving.

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Zamzee harnesses the latest in motivational research to help kids kickstart physical activity and sustain that change over time.

In a randomized controlled study, kids using Zamzee were 59% more active than the control group. That's like doing an extra 45 minutes of non-stop pushups each week, or chasing wild pigs for 6 minutes a day!