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Zamzee is an organization on a mission to make it easier for kids and families to be more physically active.

We know from research and real life that physical activity begins declining around ages 9 to 15, right when kids are forming important lifelong habits.1 We believe we can help families make physical activity a fun part of daily life.

The Zamzee meter and online experience is the result of several years of research, creative thinking and design based on feedback from kids and families. Today we're proud to say studies show that kids who use Zamzee move almost 60% more on average than kids who do not - that's an extra 45 minutes of non-stop pushups each week. Really!2

Why we’re passionate about our work

Sedentary behavior and obesity are major problems of national importance. There are approximately 20 million tweens and young teens in the U.S., and research shows that sedentary behavior is putting these young people at risk for serious – and seriously expensive – long-term health problems, including obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer3, 4 Obesity accounts for nearly 10% of US annual health care costs – that’s $150 billion a year.5

"The physical and emotional health of an entire generation and the economic health and security of our nation is at stake."
- Michelle Obama, launching Let’s Move

That's why we’re working hard to make a product that kids and families love and that will inspire them to move more.

Still have questions or need help?

You can reach us by sending an email to zed@zamzee.com. We're happy to answer any questions you may have!


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2 Data based on HopeLab research, with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, evaluating Zamzee in randomized controlled study of 448 middle-school aged kids across the U.S. over a 6-month study period.

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