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What’s Zamzee?

Zamzee is an activity meter and online experience that makes physical activity fun. The Zamzee meter records physical activity and translates movement into Pointz. On Zamzee.com, kids use these Pointz to take Challengez, compete with friends, get creative making Avatars, and even earn real-life rewards like Xbox consoles. Zamzee makes getting regular exercise a game, and kids love it!

What's a Zamzee meter?

The Zamzee meter is built with three-axis accelerometer technology to record both the time and intensity of physical activity. But the Zamzee meter does NOT track anything other than movement - Zamzee does not record location or any personal details.

What are the 10 most important features of Zamzee?

We do a quick overview of the most important features of Zamzee on the Zamzee blog.

I got my Zamzee meter in the mail. How do I get it set up?

To set up an individual account, click "Get Started" on the Zamzee homepage. Kids under 13 need parental approval to use the entire site.

How do I get a Zamzee meter?

Zamzee meters are only available through select healthcare programs in the United States. Once you have a meter, it's completely free to set up and use a Zamzee.com account and start earning Pointz, taking Challengez, earning badges and leveling up. All kids need to do is get moving! Additionally, parents have the option to add Goalz to their kid's Zamzee accounts in $5, $10 and $20 amounts.

I live outside the U.S. Can I still get a Zamzee?

At this time we're unable to fulfill Zamzee orders outside the United States. We'll let you know when this changes.

Is Zamzee waterproof?

Zamzee is not waterproof. You can't wear it when you swim in a pool, but a little sweat? Not a problem. Your Zamzee will keep tracking your Pointz.

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