Getting Started

How do I charge my Zamzee meter?

To charge your Zamzee, just plug it into a USB port on any computer with the Zamzee Upload Center installed.

You’ll have to charge your Zamzee meter for 3-4 hours before you use it for the first time. (If your computer goes into sleep mode, your meter may not charge.) Once fully charged, your Zamzee’s battery life will last more than a week! That’s enough juice for a LOT of moving.

I just got my Zamzee meter. How do I connect it to my account?

Congratulations on being the proud owner of a shiny new Zamzee meter!

  1. Download and install the Zamzee Upload Center. The Zamzee Upload Center is a small piece of software that knows how to transfer Activity Pointz from your Zamzee meter to your avatar on

  2. Plug your Zamzee meter into a USB port on your computer. You'll see little green lights at the back of your slider when your meter is connected.

  3. Enter your username and password to connect your new Zamzee meter to your account.

  4. Charge your meter. A brand new Zamzee takes 3-4 hours to charge fully the first time you plug it in.

Got a connected meter and a full battery? High five! Grab your Zamzee and jump around, then upload your Pointz and earn the First Timer badge.

Something not working? Email

I set up and charged my meter. Now what?

Grab your meter and get moving! Slip your Zamzee into your pocket or clip it to your shoes, then jump around, play ping pong - whatever moves you. You'll know you're earning Pointz when you feel your heart start thumping. Upload your Pointz to by plugging in your meter, then send a Wham, make a friend, browse the Rewards catalog, and check the Leaderboard.

Does using Zamzee cost money?

It’s totally free to set up a account, but to use Zamzee you’ll need to have a Zamzee meter.

Almost everything on is free – like tracking your progress on your Activity Graph, taking Challengez, climbing the leader boards and competing with your little brother. You can even get some Rewards for free if you take lots of Zamzee Challengez and earn Zamz (Zamzee's virtual currency). If you want to earn Rewards faster, your parents can buy you Goalz, which are a totally optional part of the Zamzee experience.

Can adults use Zamzee?

We designed Zamzee with kids in mind, and our research has focused on the way Zamzee boosts kids' physical activity. But a funny thing happened once we started making Zamzee available to the public: Grown ups, especially moms and dads, loved Zamzee as much as kids! We've heard from parents, teachers, aunts, uncles - in fact over 20% of our users are adults! If you like fun, want inspiration to move more, and want to inspire the kids in your life to move more, then Zamzee is for you, too.

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Computer Stuff

What is the Zamzee Upload Center?

The Zamzee Upload Center is a small piece of software that knows how to transfer Activity Pointz from your Zamzee meter to your account. It also shows the status of your Zamzee battery. You'll need to download and install the Zamzee Upload Center on any computer you want to use for uploading Pointz from your Zamzee meter.

What kind of computer do I need?

You need a computer with Windows XP (Service Pack 3), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, OR Mac OS X 10.5 or higher (Intel or PPC) operating system. You'll need to have the Zamzee Upload Center installed on this computer to upload Activity Pointz. To use you need an Internet connection with the latest version of Flash, which you can download for free here.

I downloaded the Zamzee Upload Center. Now what?

You need to install the Zamzee Upload Center on your computer and connect your Zamzee meter to your account. Click here to learn how to set up your Zamzee meter.

Can I install the Zamzee Upload Center on another computer?

You betcha! You can install the Zamzee Upload Center on as many computers as you want. As long as the software is installed on a computer (even a computer at your best friend's house!), you can use that computer to upload Activity Pointz from your Zamzee meter.

My computer says I need to log on as an Administrator to install the Zamzee Upload Center. Huh?

Ask your parent or guardian to help you with this. They need to enter their Administrator password before you can install the Zamzee Upload Center software on your computer.

If I have more than one Zamzee meter, do I need to download more than one copy of the Zamzee Upload Center?

You can use one copy of the Zamzee Upload Center for as many meters as you want. When you plug in a meter, the Zamzee Upload Center will show the avatar and username associated with that meter and upload Pointz to that specific account. You don’t need to log in or log out of the Zamzee Upload Center to plug in a new meter. When you connect another meter, you’ll see a new avatar, and Pointz will get uploaded to that new account.   

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Using Your Zamzee

Nothing happened when I connected my Zamzee meter to my computer. What gives?

Uh-oh. Try this:
1. Is your meter connected properly? Remember: you should see your avatar in the Zamzee Upload Center and little green lights at the back of your slider when your meter is connected properly. If you don't see those lights, try giving your Zamzee a wiggle or flipping it over. If it’s still not working, try connecting your Zamzee to a different USB port.
2. Did your Zamzee run out of battery? Wait for a few minutes and see if your avatar shows up on the Zamzee Upload Center.
3. Still no dice? That’s no fun. Email and tell us about the problem, plus tell us something fun like your lucky number. We’ll get back to you ASAP

How often do I need to charge my Zamzee meter?

A full charge keeps your Zamzee running for about a week. Don’t miss out on earning Pointz — keep it charged!

How do I know if my Zamzee meter is on, and how much charge is left?

Your Zamzee is always on — there is no on/off switch! But it's possible for your Zamzee battery to run out. Plug your Zamzee meter into your computer and the green lights on the black button should light up. The number of lights tells you the charge level (no lights means it isn’t charged). Keep it plugged in to charge it up! You can also see the status of your Zamzee battery on the Zamzee Upload Center. Keep it plugged in until you see a full green battery, and you're ready to go.

I see a flashing orange light on my Zamzee meter. What does that mean?

You need to sync the clock on your Zamzee meter with your computer. To sync the clock, open the Zamzee Upload Center and connect your Zamzee meter. The clock will automatically sync.

How do I wear my Zamzee meter?

The best place to wear your Zamzee is near your waist. The easiest way to do this is to put it in your pants pocket or clip it to your clothing at the waist. If you’re riding a bike, your Zamzee will record the most Pointz if you’re wearing your Zamzee near your foot, because that’s where you’re moving the most. Makes sense, right?

My Zamzee meter battery ran out. Did I lose all of the activity that's in there?

No, the activity data that has been collected stays in the memory if your battery dies. But, once the battery is dead it's no longer collecting data, so be sure to keep it charged!

If your battery is dead, it can take a few minutes for the Zamzee Upload Center to see the Zamzee meter when you first connect it. Wait for the Zamzee icon in the software to turn green to be sure the clock synced and your Zamzee meter is back on. It takes a dead battery about 3 hours to get a full charge.

Can I do other things on my computer while my Zamzee meter is charging

You betcha! The Zamzee Upload Center will charge your meter in the background.

How do I connect my Zamzee to my computer?

Push and slide the black button on your Zamzee to extend the USB slider. Then, plug it into any available USB port on your computer. When your Zamzee meter is properly connected you should see your avatar in the Zamzee Upload Center and little green lights at the back of your slider. Don't see those friendly green lights? Try giving your Zamzee a wiggle, flipping it over, or use another USB port.

Can more than one person use Zamzee on one computer?

Yes. Just make sure that you don’t get your meter mixed up with your brother’s, sister’s, or friend’s meter. A good way to tell your meters apart is to get a Zamzee skin to decorate your Zamzee.

I tried to connect a new Zamzee to my account, but it says "user already has active device." How do disconnect my old Zamzee from my account?

Only one Zamzee can be connected to your account. If you have a new Zamzee, you'll need to deactivate your old broken or lost meter from your account. To do this, login to your My Zamzee Homepage and click the Account link in the upper navigation menu. At the bottom of the page you will find a button to deactivate your meter. Click it, and you're good to go! Just connect your shiny new replacement to your computer, open your Zamzee Upload Center window, and login with your existing Zamzee username and password.

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Earning Pointz

What are Pointz?

You earn Pointz for your physical activity. The more you move, the more Pointz you get! Pointz determine your position on the Leaderboards and your Zamzee level. ('s a hint: you can get Bonus Pointz for things like uploading regularly and moving before 10 AM.) Pointz also determine whether or not you pass Zamzee Challengez, for example, you might need at least 20 Pointz in the next 10 minutes to pass a Challenge.

What's the difference between Activity Pointz and Bonus Pointz?

You earn Activity Pointz for moving and only for moving. Here's some ideas on how to earn Activity Pointz. You earn Bonus Pointz for doing things on - like beating your daily average for minutes in the ZamZone or passing a Zamzee Challenge with a Pointz multiplier. Plus you can earn Bonus Pointz for other things we don't want to tell you about just yet. To climb to the tops of the Leaderboards, you'll need to earn lots of Activity Pointz AND lots of Bonus Pointz.

What's the ZamZone? How do I get there?

You start earning Activity Pointz when you're in the ZamZone. You'll know you're in the ZamZone when your heart starts thumping or you feel a little out of breath. For example, doing cartwheels or playing tag will get you in the ZamZone. Standing on your scooter while it rolls down a hill won't get you in the ZamZone. You have to keep moving to stay in the ZamZone and earn Activity Pointz.

What do the stars on my Activity Graph mean?

You earn purple stars for beating your average number of minutes in the ZamZone or for getting over 60 minutes in the ZamZone. This puts you into the Bonus Zone - that special place where you get Bonus Pointz for all your activity. Pretty sweet, huh?

What are Double Pointz Days, and how do I get them?

Double Pointz Days are surprise days when you earn double Pointz for ALL your activity. Since you won't know if it's a Double Pointz Day until the day is over, make sure you're active every day so you never miss out on a chance to earn mega Pointz! Hint: people climb to the tops of the Leaderboards by always being active on Double Pointz Days. (Pst: Everyone has different Double Pointz Days, so there's no way to know when it’s going to happen!)

Why doesn't Zamzee count steps or track calories?

Counting steps can be an imprecise way of measuring activity. Sometimes people do a whole lot of activity but don't take many steps, like tossing a ball or dancing or jumping up and down like a pogo stick. That's why Zamzee counts all kinds of activity, not just steps, and rewards you with Pointz when your activity is the ZamZone.

Zamzee doesn't track calories because our focus is physical activity, not nutrition or even weight loss. We believe that nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight are an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and we also believe in focusing on one thing and doing that thing really well. Research shows that being physically active, regardless of your weight or whether it leads to weight loss, can be good for your physical, mental and emotional health. So we've decided to focus Zamzee on helping you make physical activity a fun part of your life, every day. (Pst...but don't forget to eat your veggies too!)

What should I do to become #1 on the Leaderboard?

A worthy goal! Here are some tips from the leaders of the Leaderboard about how to climb the rankings.

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Who is Zed?

Zed is a little ball of energy—the inspiration for Zamzee. He's cool, a little unpredictable, a little weird. And you never know where and when he's going to turn up on the website! He also likes email, so you may be hearing from him once in a while.

What is Zed’s favorite food?

Great question! Zed loves carrot sticks and lasagna. Yum!

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