What is Zamzee?

Zamzee is the game that gets kids moving and makes moving fun! Zamzee is research-proven: kids who use Zamzee move almost 60% more on average than kids who do not. That's the equivalent of doing an extra 45 minutes of nonstop pushups - each week!

The Zamzee meter measures activity and the Zamzee motivational website makes moving fun and rewarding. Zamzee is the result of several years of research, creative thinking and design based on feedback from kids and families.

How much does Zamzee cost?

Zamzee is $29.95 per user. That includes a Zamzee meter and website account – with no monthly fee. That also includes the ability to earn free rewards. Yep, everything from stuffed animals to gift cards, game consoles and donations to charity.

Parents can augment the Zamzee experience by purchasing Goalz, an optional part of the Zamzee experience. Goalz are a great way to incentivize kids to move more and get rewarded for it.

We recommend you use Zamzee as a family. Did you know 20% of Zamzee users are adults? It’s true! Using Zamzee as a family makes moving more fun and helps everyone have more success with the program.

How can I get Zamzee for my family?

Zamzee is currently only available through select health care partners. In order to design the most fun and effective content and programs, we are focusing on partnerships with healthcare settings dedicated to helping kids become more healthy and develop a lifelong love of physical activity. If you would like to keep up to do date on our latest programs and offering, please click here.

What do parents think about Zamzee?

Parents tell us that Zamzee helped change their family’s lifestyle and motivate their kids to be more physically active. They tell us Zamzee makes it lots of fun for families to get moving together. To read stories about families using Zamzee, check out the Zamzee blog and our Testimonials Page. Once you've tried Zamzee, we'd love for you to submit a story about your impressions, too!

How safe is Zamzee?

We take online safety seriously, and we've designed our products to ensure Zamzee is a safe, secure environment for families. For example:

Zamzee complies with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. We never share information about users that is personally identifiable without parent or guardian permission, and we only use your contact information to communicate with you about Zamzee.

For more information on how we protect the privacy of our users and parents, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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