Effective: November 21, 2014

Ahoy there, young pirate! Welcome to Zamzee! The Zamzee website is designed for young people who want to get moving and be rewarded for activity. If you’re under 18, we ask that you get the permission of a parent or guardian (we’ll say just “Parent” for short) to get full access to the site. You must have your Parent’s permission in order to create a full-access account and get rewards.

This privacy policy (let’s call it the “Privacy Policy”) is designed to answer your questions regarding the information we collect about you (and by “You” we mean anyone who is providing information to Zamzee).

If You’re under 18, we require parental permission for Your use of the Zamzee website, and this Privacy Policy informs Your Parents about what we collect from You when You’re on the Zamzee Site, (the “Site”) and how we use that information. You get it, right?

If You’re on the Zamzee site (“Site”), even if You’re not a Parent, You should understand Your rights, too. We’ve tried our best to write this Privacy Policy so that it’s clear and easy to read, but if You or Your Parents have questions, please send us an email and we’ll try to clear up any confusion You might have. Our e-mail address is .


If You visit the Site at and don’t have an account, You won’t get very far. We don’t collect any information from You that could identify You. We do place a “cookie” on Your computer, though. No, it’s not the kind You eat; it’s a little tidbit of electronic data that tells us what computer You’re using so we can make your experience easier when you return to our Site. That’s it. Only if You create an account will we collect and store more information about You.


Zamzee has a smart little activity meter thingy that You attach to Your body and that records all the moving around You do. Let’s call it a “Meter” instead of a smart little activity meter thingy, or we’ll be here all day.

If You’re shooting hoops, dancing, walking around, or doing anything active, the Meter will add up all that activity time and turn it into Activity Pointz. You can plug the Meter into Your computer and Your Zamzee account will display and store Your Pointz. When You have enough Pointz, You can reach Goalz and unlock Zamz, the Zamzee currency you can use to buy stuff you want in the Zamzee shops. But You have to have a Meter to get cool stuff and You have to have an account to use the Meter. And that is why You want to create an account. You do, right?


To get the Meter, You need to be invited. If You received Your meter (or a code to redeem a meter), You’re invited. Not sure if you’re invited? Click on the ___ button and ask and we’ll follow up. If you are over 12, follow the information on the screen, which will ask you for a display name, a date of birth, and a password. If you are under 18, You have to have Your Parent’s permission to create a full-access account. Here’s how You get Your full-access account and Meter through the Site. Of course, you may also get your meter through school, or through your parent’s workplace, or even from a healthcare provider. First, go on the Site at to sign up. You’ll be asked for Your first name, and Your date of birth. We will also ask You to create a Username and a password. If you are under 18, the Site will prompt You to provide Your Parent’s email address, first. After you sign up, we’ll send them a note asking for their permission and for a shipping address and phone number to send Your Meter and any rewards you earn. We’ll also ask them for Your email address, in case you have one, or an email address where you can be reached. If Your Parent doesn’t give permission, then we’re sorry, but we cannot give You a full-access account and you won’t be able to receive some rewards. But let’s hope Your Parents don’t drop the ball on this. You might help them out and remind them.


Unless you are under 18 and your parents have not agreed, once You have an account and Meter, we’ll store the following personal information about You (or Your Parent):

Your Parent’s Name (if you are under 18)
Your Parent’s email (if you are under 18)
Your First and Last Name
Your Date of Birth
Your gender
Your email address
Your mailing address
Your phone and/or mobile number

When You receive Your Meter, You can start wearing it and racking up Activity Pointz. Each time You sign into Your account and upload Activity Pointz from your Meter, we’ll collect Your Pointz and store them in Your account. Right now, we do not have functions like “chat” or “messaging” that allow You to post additional personal information about Yourself on the Site. If we do in the future, we’ll let You know.


We may use the information we’ve collected on You in aggregate form (“aggregate is a fancy way of saying “grouped together”). For instance, we might want to know how much, on average, people Your age are moving around, so we’ll program the computer to take all people born in Your birth year and spit out a number. Then, we might tell You how You are scoring against other people around your age.

We might provide this “grouped” information--which tells no one who You are personally--to our non-profit affiliate, HopeLab, or to our community health, wellness, and education partners. Here’s another example: if we see that people on the Site are moving around less than the national average, we might have a contest to see who can get moving more. Another example: we might disclose how many people we have using Zamzee in a particular state and how much they’re moving versus people in another state. In short, whenever we mash up Your information so it cannot identify You personally, we may use that information, and share it with others.

Also, from time to time, our community health partners may want more than just aggregated information, such as your real name, your level of activity and your Activity Pointz. If that happens, your information will not be shared unless you (or your parent if you are under 18) specifically agree to it by accepting the terms of a supplemental policy that allows them to have access this information. If You do not opt in and, if You are under 18, Your parents do not consent, your information will not be shared at all. If you opt-in (with your parent’s permission if You’re under 18), we will send you text messages about your progress and your account. We won’t use your phone number for other purposes without letting you know first, but note that you will be responsible for any charges that apply from your carrier in connection with these text messages. If You got your Meter through a workplace, education, healthcare, or other group-sponsored setting, Your information, including Your Username may be shared with the sponsor, (“Sponsor”) so the Sponsor can see how the program is working. In such cases, the Sponsor will be able to see Your individual activity. The Sponsor may also have your enrollment confirmed by us and be able to group the information by gender or age. In this way, although we do not intend it, it may be possible for the Sponsor to identify You. For instance, if there was only one girl between the ages of 13 and 17 participating in a Sponsor program, the Sponsor might reasonably be able to ascertain the identify of that girl using third party information from others resources (not from Zamzee). As a reminder, do not create a username that may reveal personal information about you. All Sponsors have agreed to keep any information private and to use such information it gathers from Zamzee for the sole purpose of monitoring its sponsored members.

If You got your Meter through your doctor, insurance company or by what important healthcare professionals call a Covered Entity (meaning a Health Plan, a Healthcare Provider or a Healthcare Clearing House), certain information we collect from you as used by the Covered Entity and combined with additional information it has about you may be considered protected health information covered by a different fancy law called the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (we say “HIPAA” for short on this one) that requires us to protect your information. This law says that Zamzee is required to keep all of your personal information secure, meaning under lock and key, so that only the people who need to see it get to see it. In a nutshell, it just remains private. If you believe that your privacy was violated, you should contact us right away at to let us know about it. You also have the right to file a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights (“OCR”). If you need help filing a complaint, please e-mail OCR at

Information That Could Identify You

To set Goalz and give you Zamz, your Parent might choose to add money to your Zamzee account. If Your Parent puts money in Your account to buy Zamz via a credit card, Your Parents’ information is provided to the credit card agency through a secure service, and the credit card affiliate will be provided Your account information to effectively make the deposit. If You have something from the Zamzee shops sent to You through the mail, we may share information with others in order to get it to You, such as Your mailing address, Your Parent’s name and Your first name. We refer to these others as “Affiliates” because, while they are not us, they help us deliver stuff to You. We don’t just go with any Affiliates, by the way. Whenever we decide to work with a new Affiliate, they have to agree to abide by privacy laws, too, and by COPPA and HIPAA (COPPA is the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, and HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Good memory!).

As we add more stuff to the Site, and if Your Parents allow it (yes, we have to ask), we may allow You to do things like post more information about Yourself. If You and Your Parents choose to allow it, we might use this information to provide You access to different areas of the Site. For instance, we might have a feature that allows You to add Your school name and city to Your information. If You choose to add that information, You may be added to a special area of the Site where You can see all the people in Your school who are also using the Site.

We like to stay in touch with You. So we may also send You messages (including by SMS if you opt-in to receiving such messages) about Your Account or Your progress on the Site. If we make new features available to You, like chatting or message boards, we may store Your activity, but we don’t look at it or use it outside of the Site.

One more thing: there’s one Affiliate we trust a lot, and that’s law enforcement. If we receive a legitimate court order (that’s a legal request for information), or if we believe Your life is in danger (that’s called “exigent circumstances”), we might release Your information or Your Parent’s information.


Not currently, no. The Site does not currently have the ability for You to publish personally identifiable information, but in the future it might be possible. For instance, we might add a chat feature so You can chat with Your friends. Or we might have a feature that allows You to write on a digital wall, post pictures, or participate in a message board. As the Site allows You to do more stuff, You could write and post things that could tell people who You are, even if You didn’t intend it. FYI, we will not actively monitor personal walls, or other areas where You could post information.

The point is: we’re looking out for You, but you should look out for You too. It’s important for Your safety to protect any information about Yourself You don’t want anyone to know. We can’t tell You what to say, but You should talk with Your Parents about safe practices on the Internet, especially when You are interacting with others. Any information You voluntarily provide is stored on our computers.


At any time, You or Your parents can stop allowing us to collect further personal information by deleting Your account. You or Your Parent can also contact our Customer Service department to view or change the personal information we have collected from You or the Parent by sending an email to . We ask that You or Your Parent please include Your name and Your Parent’s email address in the communication, so that we can better help You with Your inquiry or request.



As we add features to the Site, or there are changes in the law, we may need to update the policy to reflect all the new things we do. We might even collect more information about You that we deem personal enough to require a change to the policy. If we make a small change to the policy (like correcting a typo or clarifying a sentence), we probably will not notify You, but we will change the “update date” at the top of this paragraph. If we make major changes to the policy, we will tell You by sending an email to the email currently listed for You and Your Parent. You should expect to receive an email from us any time we change the way we collect, use, and or share Your or Your Parent’s personal information. Which reminds us: please update Your contact information so we have Your current email address. Double-check it again by logging into your account, if you already have one.


We comply with the California Do Not Track legislation of 2014 and make the following disclosure: Because the Do Not Track signal we receive does not often reflect a user's privacy preferences, this site does not react to the do not track signal.


If you’re a California resident, you may request a list of companies to which we’ve provided personal information about you in the past year for marketing purposes. You can get this information in these two ways: 1. Request this information by sending us an email to and putting “California Privacy Request” in the subject line. 2. Mail us a request to : 1675 Larimer Street, Suite 300, Denver, CO 80202. If you choose to mail a request, please provide your return address in the letter. WHAT IF I HAVE MORE QUESTIONS?

Just ask. If You or Your Parents want to contact us, just send an email with Your questions or comments to or write to us at: 1675 Larimer Street, Suite 300, Denver, CO 80202. You may also telephone us at 888-Welltok (935-5865). (If You are not 13 years of age or older, You must have a Parent’s permission to call this number.) If You believe that we have not responded to Your inquiry or Your inquiry has not been satisfactorily addressed, please feel free to contact with any issues or comments.

Did you make it all the way to the end? If you did, you deserve to sail the salty seas till the sun sets. Great work, swashbuckler! That’s it for now!